Online Slots Explained

Online slot machines are just as good as land-based, maybe even better. There are two types of “one-armed bandits” also known as slots: classic slots and video slots. The classic slots have 1 to 5 lines, and the symbols are displayed on three mechanical barrels.

Video slots offer the ability to play on 9-30 lines, with the game displayed on a video screen. This type of slot has a few other features and bonuses as well. Online the player can play both types of slots. The quality of the online slots is the same, if not better.

Microgaming leads the way in terms of both the quantity and quality of online slots. In order to play Microgaming slots, you need to download software. Downloading it gives you access to 180 different types of slots.

These slots are both classic and video. There are 10 different games with a progressive jackpot and the total jackpot amount ranges from $ 5,000 to over $ 1,000,000.

Tomb Raider was the first 9-line video slots game and is still popular today. After the success of this game, the 20 or 30 line video slots were introduced and various bonuses were offered that multiplied the player’s profit.

Most of the maximum prices were between $ 40,000 and $ 200,000. This was one of the reasons people became so drawn to the slot machines. The various bonus and wild symbols increased the attraction to the machines.

In second place is Cryptologic. You recently signed a deal with Marvel, the popular comic book producer, and have already created more than 10 superhero-themed slots. The classic slots offer the possibility to play between 9 and 20 slots.

The British casino William Hill has a slot machine on which the player can create winning combinations by pressing the drum. The Millionaires’ Club video slot has a jackpot of more than $ 3.5 million, double the previous record.

RTG and Playtech don’t add too much variety to the slot landscape, but their slots have different live casino sg bonuses and jackpots. They also have video slots, including 9 liners, but these don’t have too many additional features.

What is uncertain about online slots is their payout rate. Most online casinos don’t make it public, but casinos that use Microgaming and Cryptologic software do publish it monthly. Most casinos offer a payout percentage between 94 and 96%.

Playing online slots is something you will not regret as it has several advantages over regular slots: bonuses, comfort conditions, different stakes and much more. Online casinos are also more transparent than the offline casinos in terms of payouts.

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